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We visited the Melksham Hub site today (8th Sept).

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Contractors on Site - Progress Pictures 22 July 20

The site groundworks are taking shape and the site has been cleared.

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Car Park Tidy Up has Started

TransWilts volunteers have started to tidy up the existing car park which has not received any attention for some time. The litter includes evidence of anti-social activity.Read more

Contractors meet with Designer to finalise work scope 20th July to 28th August

Final measurements made and interfaces agreed at a site meeting between contractors and designer. The existing depot building will become a site office for the groundworks and car park extension works commencing 20th July.Read more

TransWilts meet with contractors on Site

After lease signature, our first site visit was held with our contracting team on 3rd July. This was an opportunity to finalise some plan details and agree a work programme. Based on this preliminary visit we expect to start on site 20th July and open the south car park with the new electric car charger spaces on 1st August. Read more

A big milestone reached with the lease on the Melksham Hub Depot site signed!

It has been a long road, getting through the 'preliminaries' phase. During this phase we have obtained planning permission, negotiated the lease and importantly secured sufficient funding from a variety of grant sources to enable us to get started in July 2020.Read more