Our sincere thanks to our Stakeholders and Sponsors

The Melksham Hub is underway! This project would not have been possible without all the support we have received. It took us several years and multiple grant sources to accumulate the funding for what is already a £125,000 project. Everyone at TransWilts is grateful for the substantial grant provided by our Stakeholders and Sponsors. Their input has enabled us to turn aspiration into reality. And all our supporters have recognised the importance of this venue. We are sure it will become a welcoming place for our community and visitors alike.

More to do…

The piazza area and northern pedestrian/cycle access are future Station improvements in our Masterplan that still require funding – but we have made a great start! More local business sponsors would be very welcome and volunteer hours can save us money. Gifts in kind eg kitchen equipment and fit out, plus outdoor furniture, all help make our budget go further.

Our TransWilts website describes what a Community Rail Partnership does.
For more information contact Sophie Martin our Community Rail Officer or telephone 07379 175055.